The Very Good Best Friend: A Novel

How far would you go for your best friend?

Everyone owes money to something.

Carolyn is searching for her best friend Rebecca after she dropped everything to join a suspicious intentional community run by a charismatic and extremely wealthy leader out of an abandoned mall in the countryside. She teams up with a motivated local journalist who is bent on exposing the truth about the community’s founder, a man who claims he’s just a good guy buying back student loan debt from those who deserve a break and a change of scenery. But the closer Carolyn gets to the mall, the more haunting and disorientating the community seems, and the further out of reach Rebecca is.

Amidst the unsettling backdrop, Carolyn wrestles not only with the specters of her past—her twin sister’s baffling disappearance decades before—but with the unsettling notion that her sibling’s spirit may be manifesting within the confines of the mall, its sinister influence looming ever larger.

The Very Good Best Friend coming March 2025

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