Strange Objectives

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Temporary cover for Strange Objectives

In her second collection of poetry, Strange Objectives, Taryn Hubbard fires up the possibilities of labour, memory, and doubt amid the shifting realities of living, working, and mothering in times of increasing uncertainty. The poems create space for messy feelings surrounding motherhood and care, the climate crisis, family ghosts, and office life. Dialing in from a place of precarity, Strange Objectives moves with candor and wit to offer timely insights into the complicated reality of living and thriving alongside the persistent uneasiness of the present.

Written while her children were young, Hubbard employs a delicate humour in her second collection that layers the chaos of domestic life with the detachment of the corporate world to examine the joys and complexities of these dual spaces. Above all, the book seeks to converge with perception and understanding toward a future centered about tenderness, resiliency, and a bit of magic.

Strange Objectives is set to be published by Talonbooks in spring 2025.